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Beating Coronavirus – a piece to the puzzle

The current coronavirus outbreak has many facilities and businesses examining their preparations and response plans to a major illness. From cruise ships and airports to the schools that our children attend, there are plenty of places with lots of people coming together from different countries. At Purity Service Group, we are committed to creating safe and healthy environments for everyone. We take it so seriously that we are currently contracted with one of the only laboratories in the country to test SafeHandles against the coronavirus COVID-19 Strain 229E (ATCC VR-740).  To learn more about the Coronavirus, read Safe Handles Technical Director, John Bergenske’s message in our recent LinkedIn post to understand more about this classification of viruses here.

Our SafeHandles Antimicrobial Technology:

SafeHandles tapes and sleeves continuously emit silver/zinc ions that inactivate microbes and inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses. SafeHandles are proven effective against most harmful bacteria present in everyday life such as E.coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, S.aureus, and Aspergillus Niger, among others. Another important element of our total protection program is Electrostatic sanitization technology that provides an unparalleled value proposition for defeating illness-causing organisms in large areas or hard to reach places with a fine-mist of antimicrobial particles.

Technology Benefits:

  1. Reduction in the transmission of illness.
  2. Protection against bacterial cross-contamination.
  3. Reduction of odor in textiles. 
  4. Reduce exposure to healthcare-acquired infections. 

Technology Applications:

safehandles strip

Door handles and push plates, electronics, appliances, upholstered rooms, lockers, railings, vehicles such as patrol cars and buses.

For Any Industry:

Our solutions are ideal for Education, Healthcare, Law Enforcement, Hotels and Resorts, Cruise Ships, or any brick and mortar business! We also offer revenue partnerships for Janitorial Services and Contractors. 

What makes SafeHandles unique?

Unlike traditional antimicrobial soaps and cleaners, SafeHandles products are 100% safe for everyone, including those especially vulnerable to illnesses. Traditional antimicrobial products are full of antimicrobial chemicals that are said to be harmful to the human body. The extra coat of antibacterial film protection provided by SafeHandles is easy to install and cost-efficient. It serves to significantly reduce the transfer of illness-causing germs in-between deep cleaning, without posing any health risks. 

How do SafeHandles work?

You may know that germs, bacteria, and fungi can survive on certain surfaces for a very long time, and they will thrive if they are not removed. An effective antimicrobial and antifungal solution are needed to prevent the spreading of germs and harmful bacteria. SafeHandles products use passive antimicrobial slow-release silver-ion technology to reduce your exposure to germs.

Pure Products use similar antimicrobial technologies as SafeHandles, and as part of our partnership with Pure BioScience, we provide Electrostatic Sanitization treatments as part of our premium service programs. Pure offers the effectiveness of bleach-based products without hazards.


Doug Hartley, HealthSPORT Arcata, site manager

“Our members always come first. With that in mind, we constantly seek out forward-thinking technologies that will make a real difference for them. When we think and act to make our ‘Healthy. Fit. You’ mission real for our members, SafeHandles was an easy choice to demonstrate to both our members and our employees that we take their health and well-being seriously. To top it off, SafeHandles service plans are all-inclusive, so there was no additional effort required of our staff, so we could focus on what we do best – an exceptional member experience.”

Superintendent Gary StortsSouth Bay Union Elementary School District in Humboldt County, California

“We know that attendance is sort of the heartbeat of student achievement, and anything that we can do to get our kids inside the classroom more often than not, we’re going to do. There’s not a dollar point that’s too high for student learning.”

How to Contact Us?

If you are ready to see how SafeHandles can benefit your facility or business, we are happy to answer all of your questions and provide recommendations for a complete plan to reduce illnesses. As a licensed distributor of Safe Handles, we are here to help you protect your investments.  Call 414-481-9302 or email