Electrostatic Suitcase Sprayer


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Compact, Suitcase Electrostatic Sprayer

Technical Specifications:

Nozzles 1 MaxCharge™ electrostatic spray gun
External Air Supply Required (Included)
Standard Hose Length = 25 ft.
Weight Full (1 nozzle) = 48 lbs.
Dimensions = 22″H x16″W x 10″ D (56cm x 41cm x 25cm)
Liquid Flow Rate = 1 gallon per hour (100ml per min.)
Drop Size = 40 Microns
Spray Range = up to 8 feet
AC Power

Additional Options:
220v option available
Four-Wheel – for easy movement, extra charge
Can add 45ft of hose length for maximum length of 75 ft
Stainless Steel