PURE® Hard Surface – 1 Gallon + 2 Bottles Kit



Contains 1 Gallon refill of PURE® Hard Surface, 2 10 oz Flairosol Spray Bottles (empty)

Hard Surface can be used as a fungicide and virucide to prevent the spread of illnesses – including the human Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Bulk supply of premium FDA-approved sanitizer and disinfectant. The odorless sanitizer is safe to use around babies, the elderly and pets.


Kills 99.999% of bacteria that cause food-borne illness, with a 24-hour lasting effect.

Standard cleaning and disinfecting agents are filled with hazardous chemicals (according to the EPA) that pose health risks. With this 2 gallon-bottle combo, you can refill your spray bottles numerous times and keep your facility or home safe for everyone.

A perfect disinfecting agent with 100% non-toxic formula for refilling day-to-day sanitizer spray bottles used in your household, on the road, and at work.

Effective against MRSA and multiple drug-resistant bacteria. Get rid of hundreds of germs in just 30 seconds inside and outside your home or facility building.

Use Hard Surface in a 15-40 microns spray bottle, which produces fine mists, for the best results. The food contact surface sanitizer can be used around the entire family without posing a health risk to the elderly, kids, and pets.

We recommend the Flairosol spray bottle. It produces microelectronic mists to allow for an even layer of formula on surfaces.

Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable enough for continuous use and at various angles.