SafeHandles™ ADA Door Handle Covers, Size 3


SafeHandles™ ADA Door Handle Covers, Size 3, are specifically designed shapes to fit American with Disability Act (ADA) compliant door handles.

The SafeHandles™ ADA Door Handle Cover, Size 1, is available in clear and the silver protection maintains a clean tape for up to 6 months. The SafeHandles Heat Shrink Sleeves Size K, also fits on ADA handles.

Width: 83.5mm (3.3″)
Length: 137.5mm (5.4″)

Quantity: 50 covers


Supplements existing hygiene procedures to ensure cleaner handles.
Easy to remove without leaving any residue
Installs in seconds.
Dry to the touch. No fumes. No odor.
Custom designs enable maximum coverage of the handle.
Engineered adhesives designed to stay on in the interior and exterior environments.
Embedded with a slow-release silver-based pesticide that is registered and approved by the EPA to inhibit the growth of certain microbes that may affect this product.