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EPA Approved COVID-19 Sanitizing Agent PURE Cleaner

April 6, 2020


For Immediate Release

The PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant has now been added to the EPA’s list of COVID-19 disinfectants based on its tested efficacy against the Human Coronavirus.

“PURE Hard Surface kills germs in as few as 30 seconds and does not require rinsing,” as stated by PURE’s Chairman and CEO Tom Lee. This sanitizing and disinfecting agent has been used and registered with the EPA since 2011.

Owner and Inventor of SafeHandles, Steve Strombeck, advocates for health safety worldwide. All products marketed by Purity Service Group for SafeHandes utilize an embedded antifungal and antimicrobial ingredient. These products work to halt the transmission of germs from hard surfaces and handles. Pure Spray and Safehandles antimicrobial sleeves and tape are all available directly from Purity Service Group.

“Designed with antimicrobial technology, our line of products help to significantly reduce the transfer of germs, without posing any health risks.”

More information on the PURE Hard Surface Disinfectant can be found on our website:

SafeHandles was founded in 2012 and provides germ protection devices ranging from shrink-wrap sleeves, custom adhesive wrappers, Safehandles tape and more. All products contain EPA-approved materials used to inhibit the spread of germs.

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